Founded by Emily May Hope Avery, with a habitual connection to the beauty of the ocean, influenced by holistic wellbeing and wide visions of sustainability, EMILY MAY LONDON was launched - a luxury, sustainable UK based brand dedicated to raising awareness about our fragile marine environment, protecting our oceans and giving them the respect they truly deserve by helping to tackle the plastic pollution crisis that affects not just sea life, but all of us. 

Our swimwear is made from Econyl a recycled fabric that helps to clear up plastic waste in the oceans using discarded plastic bottles and fishing nets that would otherwise be detrimental to sea-life. This high-end recycled material is supremely soft and breathable while also highly durable to abrasions and oils so that your swimwear will last.

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Hand-made to order in the UK, each piece is expertly crafted with intricate panelling to ensure it is perfectly structured and contoured to the body, creating the ideal silhouette. All of our garments 
are double-lined to ensure you feel extra-secure and comfortable while relaxing and being active. They also have brilliant shape retention so that they will stay structured for far longer.

 Designed to be worn "from the beach to the bar", the collection is incredibly versatile and innovative, bringing forth multi-functional and timeless swimwear that is designed to last. At EMILY MAY we truly understand how perfect swimwear should look and feel and understand the importance of quality, ethics and transparency. We place a great deal of attention on ensuring we can be the best we can be so that every woman who wears our pieces feels comfortable and confident that they can rely on their swimwear while also supporting a great cause.

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